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Teen Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Drugs and alcohol have a greater effect on teens than on adults. The signs of addiction can be difficult to understand, and many adolescents don’t realize the long-term damage drugs have on their bodies because the short-term side effects fade. If you have questions about drug abuse or think that your teen has an addiction, help is available.



Co-Occurring Disorders

A person with a co-occurring disorder has been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder and another mental health disorder. Co-occurring disorders, sometimes called dual disorders, are best treated through integrated treatment that addresses both issues at the same time.

Co-Occurring Disorder - DrugRehab Website

Talking to Children & Teens About Drugs

The world can present plenty of dangers for young people, and one particularly prevalent issue to be concerned about is the abuse of illicit substances. This can include alcohol, illicit drugs, and even prescription drugs. The first step in keeping children and teenagers safe from substance abuse is to talk about the dangers and risks; open communication is crucial. Parents also need to set a positive example where drugs and alcohol are concerned.

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